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The Zapadora Gran Bazaar


The Zapadora Property is FOR SALE!

This unique property has been a destination for Chirigringos and Panamanians alike for over 11 years.

Located 30 minutes from retirement mecca Boquete, and close to both Volcan and the major City of David, this property sits on a highly developable 1.1 Hecs (approx 3 acres) with 2 separate buildings and large rambling interiors. Since its business launch in 2005, this property, known locally as “The Zapadora” , has been providing customers with unique, imported, antique architectural details; doors, shutters, ironwork and furniture.

The property boasts a massive 10,000 sq.ft of showroom space, a large, working theater and a fully self-contained outdoor studio and workshop area. The property is ideal for those who would like to get away to a lovely area and have the freedom to work in their own spacious environment. The property is also perfect for investors. It is important to note that currently, Panama is ranked second by USA Marketplace Money & AARP as a choice for Americans retiring overseas.

The property can be purchased solely for the buildings and land OR with substantial and valuable business inventory (including antique architectural pieces, unique wrought iron lamps and grills, indoor and outdoor furniture, Mexican and Egyptian tiles, and décor details from Egypt, Mexico and India). Client list and goodwill can all be included. This business has been a going concern for almost 12 years now and provides a dependable, steady income in a very tranquil environment.

The whole property is very competitively priced so fill out & send the form below to find out more! Inquiries can also be sent to our facebook page - The Zapadora Gran Bazaar

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